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LION Training Products and SEEK Thermal | CALIFORNIA

Scott started in the fire service in 1995 and has worked at all ranks, retiring as a Captain after 28 years.  After obtaining his degree in Fire Science he started as a wildland firefighter and then spent the bulk of his career working on a Truck Company and Rescue.  His career accomplishments include 20 years on teaching Cadres in Live Fire, Technical Rescue, and Truck Operations.  For 10 years Scott helped design and build Training Centers and lead Firefighter Academy Training Cadres for colleges and his department.  He is also a certified State Fire Training Instructor in multiple areas. Scott loves working in teams and helped with apparatus committees, FF equipment committees, PPE working groups, and statewide training curriculum groups.

Scott does have an adventurous life outside of fire too! He is married with 3 daughters and 1 son and resides in Murrieta, CA. with his wife Teresa.  Scott is an avid outdoorsman, loves off roading, taking the untraveled paths, hiking, and camping in the trees with the family.

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