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Virtual Fall Demo

This is a 1-hour fall protection training that covers the four basic principles of fall protection. We will go over the same information as a live fall protection truck demonstration.

September 14 | 8AM-9AM MT | 9AM-10AM CT | Register Here

September 14 | 1PM-2PM MT | 2PM-3PM CT | Register Here

September 15 | 1PM-2PM MT | 2PM-3PM CT | Register Here

September 16 | 8AM-9AM MT | 9AM-10AM CT | Register Here

September 16 | 1PM-2PM MT | 2PM-3PM CT | Register Here

September 17 | 8AM-9AM MT | 9AM-10AM CT | Register Here

September 17 | 1PM-2PM MT | 2PM-3PM CT | Register Here

September 18| 1PM-2PM MT | 2PM-3PM CT | Register Here


A-Z Fall Protection

This is an intensive, 2-hour fall protection training that includes all applicable OSHA standards and the Four Basic Principles of Fall Protection. We will also cover basic terminology, fall clearance, anchorage strength and requirements, impact forces of falls, SRLs, and other specialized equipment including leading edge and sharp edge, horizontal lifelines, and rescue requirements. 

September 15  | 8AM-10AM MT | 9AM-11AM CT | Register Here

September 18  | 8AM-10AM MT | 9AM-11AM CT | Register Here


Ladder Safety, Usage, & Inspection

In this class, attendees will learn about different schools of thought on ladder safety as well as best practices to promote safe ladder use and training resources. We will focus on the causes of ladder-related injuries and how Ladder Safety by Design can decrease these injuries. Attendees will learn about different types of ladders, ladder anatomy, and how ladders are rated. The class will also include information on proper ladder inspection.

September 14 | 10AM-11AM MT | 11AM-12PM CT | Register Here

September 16 | 10AM-11AM MT | 11AM-12PM CT | Register Here



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